Commitment to Hawaiʻi

Hawaiʻi is special—in its natural beauty, its commitment to the environment, and its distinct community connections and ways of life. Kupehau Solar is dedicated to building and operating the project in a pono way, reflecting the values of the shared community and helping meet the state’s 100% renewable resources goal by 2045!

With years of experience developing solar projects in Hawaiʻi, we are deeply committed to working hand-in-hand with community stakeholders throughout every phase of the development process.

Community Outreach

We don’t believe in simply checking the boxes and forging ahead.

174 Power Global understands fully that community engagement, partnership, and meaningful participation is critical for any project of this scope. It is our commitment to ensure that the communities are heard, understood, and play an integral role in every step of the exploration, development, and operation of the project. Our approach is collaborative, working with the local community stakeholders to understand their concerns and come to solutions together.

174 Power Global has been in Hawaiʻi since 2012, with two projects underway on Oʻahu. We understand that every community is different, and that it is our responsibility to be invited into the communities, to listen, and to be a good neighbor.

Detailed Community Outreach Plan

Our process is rooted in being active and engaged at the community level, participating in local events and organizations, many with whom we’ve worked since 2012 in conjunction with the Hoʻohana Solar project.

We identify stakeholders and reach out for individual and group gatherings to discuss the project and receive feedback and community questions and concerns.

Stakeholders include:

Local governing and quasi-governing boards and commissions

Elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels

Grassroots organizations

Community associations, especially Royal Kunia Association and Village Park Association

Schools in the district

Charitable and non-profit organizations, including Salvation Army, Hawaii Agriculture Foundation, and Mālama Learning Center

Churches throughout the area

Businesses and business groups, including Rotary Clubs and Chambers of Commerce

Community leaders

Like the community itself, this list is not static. It grows and expands as we dig deeper into the communities and as new interests, people, and organizations move into the community and/or take an interest in civic engagement.

These stakeholders will continue to grow and develop, and we will broaden our outreach with them to ensure that we listen carefully and proceed appropriately.

Community Outreach Efforts

Outreach to community stakeholders and the public-at-large about Kupehau Solar, its status, benefits, and support of renewable energy goals will be a continuous activity supplemented by news media features, this dedicated website, and direct communication with us – Contact Us.

174 Power Global will share information about Kupehau Solar through tools such as news releases, community postings, and website updates on an ongoing basis to ensure the public record is accurate, complete and comprehensive. 174 Power Global’s communications plan for Kupehau Solar will work in concert with its community outreach efforts so that information shared in public meetings is consistent with documents provided to news media, the public, and posted online.

With social distancing interrupting town hall meetings, we will engage in virtual, real-time town halls so that community members can learn more about the project, its benefits, its impact on the community, and to ask questions and provide feedback.

Other communications tools include:

News coverage, including outlets like Honolulu Star Advertiser, Hawaii News Now, KHON, KITV, MidWeek and The Voice community news, Pacific Business News, Civil Beat, Fil-Am Courier, and others

Community Associations such as Royal Kunia and Village Park, where information can be posted and shared

Popular bulletin boards in the community, including Times Supermarket and Starbucks

Media tours of the project


A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and responses handout

Project brochures and other informative materials, including, maps, flyers, poster boards, visual simulations, and detailed presentations to keep the community informed.

Project schedule showing milestones on the critical path to beginning operations

Community Benefits

174 Power Global is proud to be part of the resilient and self-sustaining renewable energy landscape across Hawaiʻi and around the world. We are committed to working with the neighboring communities to understand how we can be a good neighbor and help to support their priorities. The benefits to the communities are many, including :

174 Power Global comporting itself as the quiet neighbor, tending our property and project with respect for the lands, the communities’ values and ethics, and sharing in responsibility for the communities’ needs and concerns

A facility that is located away from residential areas

State-of-the-art technology and monitoring equipment so that the facility makes a meaningful contribution to sustainable energy without imposing any adverse consequence on the community

Fencing, monitoring, and security mitigate concerns of vagrancy and improve community security

The dedication of these lands to a sustainable energy project, ensuring the communities can preserve the way-of-life they’ve enjoyed for decades

Meaningful contribution to Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) educational teacher training, curriculum, materials and resources for local keiki, in partnership with local teachers and schools

A significant contribution to Hawaiʻi’s 2045 goals of 100 % renewable energy

Project Summary and Community Outreach Plan