Environment and cultural assessments
Permitting activities

Environmental Compliance, Impacts and Permitting Plan

Overall Land Use and Environmental Permits and Approvals Strategy

174 Power Global has spent years working to find a suitable location to site an additional renewable energy project in the Kunia area, near our existing Hoʻohana solar project. The overall strategy for obtaining all required approvals in a timely and cost-efficient manner has involved :

Siting the proposed facilities in an area with which we are familiar. Because we have spent years working in the Kunia area, we are familiar with the surrounding communities, farming community, approval processes, and other important project development criteria

Creating a project that minimizes the amount of required ground disturbance and utilizing lands that are not being actively farmed

Continuing to interface with permitting authorities as we advance another project in a region that we know well

Collecting, reviewing, and extracting information from available reports and studies containing relevant information about the sites

Conducting reconnaissance-level site visits to confirm that conditions have not visibly changed since earlier studies and/or databases were prepared

Providing for site investigations to minimize the probability of encountering previously unknown adverse conditions late in the design/development process

Using special care and precaution in our out-reach to lineal and cultural descendants and other stakeholders who might have ties to the area and interests of a cultural nature

Results of the initial studies of biological, cultural, and historic resources indicate no adverse findings.

The project will be in compliance with all local, state, and federal requirements.

City Zoning and Land Use Classification

The Kupehau Solar project will be situated on agricultural lands designated by the State LUC as State Land Use Agriculture.

Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Land Use, Environmental and Construction Permits and Approvals

No discretionary approvals are needed. Hawaiʻi County requires a non-discretionary County Plan Approval.  

Conditional Use Permit (minor)

Zoning Waiver Permit

Building Permit

Grading Permit

Listing of Permits and Approval

Building Permit & Grading Permit.

Preliminary Environmental Assessment of The Site (Including Any Pre-Existing Environmental Conditions)

A preliminary environmental assessment of the site has been conducted and the proposed sustainable resource poses no adverse environmental effect.

Cultural Resource Impacts

Kupehau Solar renewable energy development can be constructed in a manner that comfortably avoids impacting any known cultural, historical, or natural resources. Careful protocols will be developed with stakeholder agencies, individuals, and groups to ensure that in the event that historic or traditional cultural properties are encountered during construction of the project, work in the project area will cease until the State of Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) is notified and appropriate protocols are carried out.

Results of the initial studies of biological, cultural, and historic resources indicate no adverse findings.